What is IMANI?

IMANI is a community based organization, IMANI’s leadership functions as a collective, collaborating with community leaders, professionals and other community based organizations to reach the goal of leading the change we need to see in the world.
IMANI’s program focuses on the development and improvement of adolescents’ academic performance, etiquette, global & cultural awareness, civic responsibility, self esteem & emotional growth. 
A major focus of IMANI is the use of service learning, international travel, global and cultural awareness, community service/service projects and civic education. Many of our youth have been stunted because of the lack of exposure and understanding of a world beyond their neighborhood.  They also have not, had the opportunity to provide services to their community and aboard that help them to experience the power of positive actions and the difference youth can make.
IMANI’s Rites of Passage Boys to Men/Girls to Woman focuses on preparing participants to be informed and ready for the challenges that come with development of different stages in their lives. Many topics are thoroughly discussed like: the expectations of being a student from grade to grade, being a college student, career development and exploration, puberty, relationships, exploring the definition of what it means to be a man or woman, etc. IMANI will initiate Male & Female Initiatives.
IMANI utilizes service and project based learning to encourage and promote leadership and career   development. Career Development is enhanced through unpaid/paid internships, Career Day, Mentors and workshops lead by professionals.  Leadership Development is also encouraged through youth lead forums, media projects and community service activities. 
 IMANI’s focuses on academics by providing in-school day school support, after school programming, Saturday academy, summer tutoring/homework help and college preparation activities and college tours.
IMANI also provides a program called TRANSITIONS focused on supporting students with their transition from Junior High School to High School and High School to College. An active transitions project is providing high school students with the option to participate in IMANI’s monthly college preparation workshops on the Medgar Evers College campus and a week long spring break college tour.
IMANI encourages creative expression and growth amongst the participants. Various visiting recording artist lead group discussion on the responsibility of being an artist and motivates participants to convey messages positively.  Participants work to produce, film, talk shows, albums, poetry books, t-shirts, graphic design and art to foster a feeling of accomplishment while learning about the inner workings of the entertainment industry, so many of them desire to be a part of.
IMANI’s mentoring program utilizes professionals and college students focusing on: education, law, medicine, social services, entertainment etc. (areas participants wish to explore for careers) to be volunteer mentors to participants. Mentors have supervised meetings with mentees once a month and exchange monitored correspondence with each other through email.
IMANI utilizes athletics to promote physical education and to motivate participants to achieve academically.   Participants are only allowed to participate in athletic activities after they have completed the academic portion of the program, nutrition workshops are also incorporated in the fitness portion of the program. 
IMANI’s leadership provides trainings and workshop leadership to organizations, staff and youth groups as well as assist with program development and organizing career fairs.
IMANI’s programming will be tailored towards any student population needs.